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    Your First Appointment at Willow Bend Chiropractic

    Posted on 09-20-2018

    Your first chiropractic appointment at Willow Bend Chiropractic is the first day of orientation to a healthy body. As with any doctor visit, the first line of business is to get your personal info...

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    Proper Workplace Ergonomics

    Posted on 08-30-2018

    Half-kneeling, half-standing, twisting from side-to-side, lifting items without bending at the waist, or sitting in one place without moving around, can all contribute to back problems, muscle str...

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    Common Questions About Back Pain Relief

    Posted on 07-17-2018

    Having back pain on a regular basis can end up making it tough or even impossible for you to handle daily tasks and participate in sports and other activities. If the pain is bad enough, you might...

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    Benefits of Laser Therapy

    Posted on 06-18-2018

    If you suffer from pain or require injury rehabilitation, Multiwave Locked System, or MLS Laser Therapy, is an effective treatment option for patients seeking chronic pain relief or...

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    Gardening and Yard Work Tips

    Posted on 05-15-2018

    Plano is especially beautiful in spring and the great weather often calls us outdoors. If you are planning on tackling some yard work, be sure that your body is ready for the added activity, espec...

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