Knee Pain Causes and Treatment

Knee pain often occurs as a result of a serious injury like a torn cartilage/ruptured ligament or a medical condition such as an infection, gout or arthritis. It is prevalent in young and old people alike. Common treatments of less-serious knee pain include knee braces and physical therapy. Unbearable knee pain may require surgical treatment. At Willow Bend Chiropractic in Plano, TX, we provide our patients with professional treatment to ensure their swift recovery.

Man With Knee Pain

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Dislocated Knee

A dislocated kneecap arises when the patella - otherwise known as the triangular bone - breaks away from its normal position. In rare cases, it will be visible on the outside of the knee. In such cases, the pain is bound to be excruciating.

Knee bursae

A bursa (plural bursae) is a small sac between the tendon and bone. It contains fluid that reduces friction between adjacent moving structures. Knee bursitis is a condition associated with the bursae. It brings about inflammation that makes walking relatively painful.

Frozen Knee

Frozen knee (also known as locked knee) is caused by mechanical blockage of knee joint movements. This could be a result of a torn meniscus, which acts as a shock absorber between the thighbone and shinbone. By exerting pressure on your knees when lifting intensely heavy objects, you risk getting a frozen knee.

Strains and Sprains

A strain is a tearing or stretching of the tendon, which is a connective fibrous tissue that keeps the bones in a joint together. A sprain is caused by a tearing or stretching of ligaments - fibrous tissue that links muscles to bones. Critical strains and sprains may require surgical treatment.


Tendinitis, as the name suggests, affects the tendon. It causes an irritation or inflammation in the tendon that causes tenderness, mild swelling, and pain. It is common around heels, elbows, shoulders, wrists, and knees.

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