Nutritional and Wellness Counseling

Nutritional and Wellness Counseling Provided by Our Plano Chiropractors

You are what you eat isn't just a saying. Truly, what you consume has a profound impact on your overall health and well-being. Throughout a chiropractor's education, he or she learns in-depth knowledge about how nutrition affects a person's health. At Willow Bend Chiropractic, we serve Plano, TX, and the surrounding areas, and our chiropractor incorporates this aspect of chiropractic education to provide nutritional counseling into a person's treatment plan. Additionally, our chiropractor may also use wellness counseling to improve your condition and better your overall well-being. These modalities are often used along with other chiropractic treatments to optimize your treatment program. 


How Your Diet Can Affect Your Health

Your body requires adequate nutrition to function. This nutrition consists of a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates, among others. Your body uses these nutrients to function properly. Without them, you may notice you don't have as much energy as usual. You could even experience muscle pain. A lack of certain nutrients can interfere with your body's healing properly after an injury. If you have excessive weight, you're adding pressure on your muscles and joints, which can contribute or worsen your pain. 

How Nutritional Wellness Can Help You

Our chiropractors can assist you in improving your nutritional wellness. Nutritional wellness is achieved through nutritional counseling. During nutritional counseling, you receive advice on how to improve your current eating habits to optimize your nutrition. The concept centers around helping you better your eating habits, so you receive adequate nutrition for your body to execute normal daily functions. Ultimately, nutritional wellness can reduce headaches and muscle pain. Additionally, this particular chiropractic treatment can increase your energy levels and help you achieve the ideal weight for you as well as other benefits. 

Throughout a chiropractic visit for nutritional counseling or nutritional wellness, our chiropractic may perform a test to assess you for nutritional deficiencies. Instead of a standard blood test, our chiropractors use nutritional muscle response testing. It's a non-invasive technique using a tool that assesses your organ system's health. From that information from your nutritional muscle response test, our chiropractors can detect nutritional deficiencies. The concept behind muscle response testing is to check your muscles and your organ flex points. Our chiropractors determine if you have a weakened muscle response in an area, which can correlate with a nutritional deficiency.  

Why Choose Our Chiropractor 

Our chiropractors take an individualized approach to optimize your health and wellness through a customized treatment based on your particular needs. Your appointment starts with a member of our team gathering a thorough medical history and incorporating this information into your treatment. Then, our chiropractors adjust your treatment as necessary to ensure you're always receiving adequate nutrition either through diet or supplementation. Visit Willow Bend Chiropractic in Plano, TX, to see how our nutritional and wellness counseling can help you. Call (972) 608-4411 to schedule an appointment today!  


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